Diaper Magic

Baby diapers. Boring…right? Well, they contain a little secret. Each diaper has a super-absorbent chemical powder. This powder can hold…

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Levitating Orb

Levitate a magical orb using a PVC pipe, mylar tinsel, and static electricity. This trick looks like magic, but it’s…

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Iodine Clock Reaction

Sometimes, science seems too magical to be real. This demonstration, the iodine clock reaction, is definitely no exception. In this…

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Liquid Layers

Stacking things is easy! Books, boxes, blocks, coins…you’ve probably stacked ALL of these things at one point. But what about…

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Rubber Bone

Planning to make fried chicken? Take out a few bones beforehand. They’ll make for a cool project! Make this fun…

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Colorful Milk

This was one of my favorite experiments as a kid. When you mix some milk, food coloring, and liquid dish…

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Play Dough Recipe #2

This is another great recipe similar to the composition to the commercially available Play-Doh. It can be molded into all…

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Fake Barf

Vomiting might be one of the most disgusting thing your body does. Yep, good old barf is really repulsive. However,…

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Phony Poo

How can you tell the difference between a pet dog’s poop and a wild dog’s turd? In a wild dog’s…

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