Foam Factory

This little project uses two household ingredients: Barbasol shaving foam and Elmer’s Glue-All. When you whip these substances together and let them dry, you make a foam with millions of air pockets, just like mass-produced foam rubber!

You can mold the mixture into various shapes. Plus, you can make even more foam by following the simple 1:2 ratio, as stated in the “Try This” section below.

This experiment is fun to do on a rainy day. So, go ahead: bring some friends and family and get started!



  1. Fill the measuring cup with Barbasol shaving cream. Use a large spoon to add the shaving cream to your glass bowl.
  2. Empty the bottle of Elmer’s glue into the bowl.
  3. Whip the glue and shaving cream together with the spoon. Mold anything you want out of this mixture. Then, set it out to dry overnight. The next day, you will notice how the mixture turns into a solid foam.

Try This:

  • Fill several cookie cutters with the mixture before letting it dry. Using this method, you can make fun shapes.
  • Make even more foam! Just keep the amount of glue to shaving cream at a 1:2 ratio, meaning 1 part glue to 2 parts Barbasol.


When you whipped the shaving cream and the glue together, this filled the glue’s polyvinyl acetate molecules with air-filled soap. The glue dries and contains millions of air pockets, just like foam rubber.

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