Ammonium Sulfide Stink Bomb

Learn how to make a smelly stink bomb from wood matches and ammonia!

This fun stink bomb project will gross out your friends and family. Prank someone you know!

*Get an Adult* Razor blades are sharp! Ammonia is a dangerous chemical. Don’t ingest it!


  • Single-edge razor blade (Amazon link: Single Edge Razor Blades)
  • Box of wooden safety matches (Amazon link: Matches)
  • Clean and empty glass jar with lid
  • Ammonia (1 cup). (Amazon link: Ammonia)


  1. With adult supervision, use the razor blade to carefully cut off the heads of all the matches. Place the match heads in the jar.
  2. Add the ammonia to the jar and immediately screw on the lid tightly. Let it sit for one week.
  3. The solution can be thrown or poured directly into an area you think already stinks. Or place the jar uncapped behind a door that opens into the target room.
  4. When someone enters, the door will knock over the jar, spilling the liquid.


The solution stinks like rotten eggs.The sulfur in the match heads combines with the ammonia to form ammonium sulfide.


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